Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1st - Reflection

Today we met with our Bishop, the leader of our local ward's congregation. While we met with him, it occurred to me at the end of our appointment, that it has been almost one year since we moved, a move that seemed to have much resistance from our children and was lonely those first few months. It brought about a new way of small town living, different people, new traditions, relationships and opportunities for our family that wouldn't have happened if we had stayed where we were at in life. The Lord knew we needed to be here and it was one of the hardest trials of my faith to make that change in listening to His wisdom that all would work out. It would be OK. I just need to trust Him that when the going gets tough, there will be light at the end, there will be a beautiful view at the top of that mountain that I would not have had the chance to see if it had not been for my beautiful heartbreak.  Beautiful heartbreak. I love THAT! Life takes us places we never thought we would be or end up with plot twists that make us say out loud, "Really Lord? You want me where?"  But isn't that the point? Did we not sign up for this! We signed up to come down here to live these lives where we knew there would be hard times where we would NEED to rely on the Lord to see His guidance in where we should be, who we should be in acquaintance with and where we need to be heading in living our lives to become more Christ-like.

I started this blog in 2014 to see the good in my life, those blessings I may have not been seeing in my normal day to day view, so busy, I may have missed them. I love reading over old posts because it reminds me that I am missing SO much of those little moments my Father in Heaven is smiling down on me, thinking of me and letting me know he CARES about ME, little old ME! He loves me and gives me trials so I can be blessed and learn a valued lesson from Him that is just for me.  Looking back, all of my trials with the right attitude, actually became blessings in disguise IF, I let them be. With the wrong attitude we can lose course, ending up somewhere else, forfeiting the valued lesson He wanted to teach us.   So for day one back at this challenge, I want to say, with a full heart, I am grateful for even the hard times, those trials that make it seem bleak, and persistently hard.  In the end if we hold on course, stay true to the faith and who we really are, we will make it to the end with a beautiful view on life that is just for us!

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