Friday, February 7, 2014

Day 38

So far today the snow has not stopped!

It looks majestic, clean, and has put our world to a halt and busy schedule.

Today, it was fun to watch the kids today play in the snow. 

In and out to warm up and head back out to work on their igloos. 

Each one built one in the backyard, creating a cool cubby hole for themselves inside their igloos. 

The used the shovel and small garden shovels to create their little areas. I loved 

watching each one of them going about it a different way, seeing the wheels turn as they worked 

tirelessly to make their snow creations. 

I remember being a kid playing in the snow for endless hours even after my brothers would have 

gone inside to warm up. There is something about gods beauty in the snow -

Something clean and calming.

So grateful my kids have been given the gift of these snow days since they do not happen where we 

live very often.

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