Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 45

I know some people do not like Valentines Day and I do agree with some of their reasons which are: flowers are ridiculously expensive, people are running everywhere spending WAY more money they should be on trinkets that really do not say I love you and the ridiculous crowds that can bring out the worst even in the best of people.

Now, those reasons aside, Valentines really is not that bad because...

I have fun making the kids lunches with little notes and a fun treat.

I love going heart attacking with my family.

Writing love notes to those I hold dear is a lot of fun.

I love spending time with my husband that evening.

Chocolate covered strawberries and fancy desserts.

And in all honesty, how bad can a day about love be?

It was a crazy day back at work with a fun Valentines Party with my class. I felt so loved by the kids. They had missed me when I was out sick and were happy to see me as I was them.

After work, it was onto a little shopping and getting things ready for the evening.

I decorated up the table with hearts, fancy dinner ware and we had fun with it.

The kids enjoy this tradition of a fancy dinner and I am grateful for a day where, yes it maybe commercialized, it is a time to smooch and smother those you love with a little love and chocolate!

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