Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 47

Last night Diana came up with her own FHE get to know you game for us.  A question would be asked such as, "What is your favorite book?", "What is your favorite church song?" etc. After that we would we would write down what we thought everyone's answer would be, then the person would respond with he/she's correct answer.

For each answer you answered correctly, you would put a check by their name. At the end of the game, whomever you put the least amount of checks by their name, Diana challenged us to get to know that family member better.

SO MUCH FUN and surprising on how well we knew somethings and not so well on other things....

I am grateful for family time but especially a daughter who took the time to make such a fun night of FHE for us all to help us in getting to know each other better in our likes and dislikes.

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