Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 50

Today I am grateful for my co-worker, Debi. 

We have been teaching preschool for over 4 years now and every step of this journey has been a blessing in my life. 

Working with Debi is a treat because of her outlook on life. Her optimism is enlightening and 

teaches the best of us patience, love and to savor life for what it is. 

If there is ever a time when you need a lift, a smile, a positive spin on things; Debi is your go to gal.

 She has a talent for making people feel loved and needed. 

So Miss Debi B., you rock; not only because you are you but because you changed my life for the

 better. You were more than a friend in these past few years - you were a best friend and nothing can 

replace that!

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