Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 52

Today I am grateful for old friends. 

I had the chance today to meet up with an old friend for lunch today who had moved away and I loved catching up with her. I miss seeing her beautiful face on a daily basis and our conversations!
I was contemplating after lunch how hard it is to keep in contact with everyone that you make friends with over the course of your life. Its sad when you see ties broken or that it has been THAT long since you last talked with them....but I think that is normal. Friends come and go and for whatever reason and the Lord puts them there at that time for specific reasons. Some stay in your life permanently, some come and go as the seasons but each one has a purpose in your life. Some have been put into my life to teach me lessons. Some have been put into my life as a support. Some have been put into my life to change it - ALL important and though we may not stay in touch, do know, I still love ya and am grateful our lives collided even if it was but for a brief second.  

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