Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 41

A babies laugh is one of the purest sounds this life holds. 

This afternoon after doing a valentine craft with the kids, I sent them outside to get some fresh air and

 enjoy the rest of the snow while it is still here. After getting them out the door and into the 

backyard,  I was in the living room when I heard Miss C wake up and head into my bedroom to pick her up from her nap. 

I picked her up, pulled open the curtains

and took her to the window so she could see the snow and her siblings playing. 

While Charleigh watched her siblings, Taylor came up and threw a small snowball at the window. 

Charleigh LOVED it and laughed!

So, after a minute of Taylor doing that, Chloe and Diana jumped in and started throwing snow into 

the air and acting goofy to get Charleigh to smile. 

She thought they were hilarious and laughed for a good 5 minutes straight. 

Her and I got our abdominal workout for the day, right? :)

I love hearing pure laughter and seeing the delight her siblings get in making Miss C 

light up and laugh.

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