Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 65

Today I am grateful for how we have instilled in our children a feeling of love and support for one another in our family. Tonight we attended a simple spring band concert for Diana and yes, in the scheme of things it may be small but when we are there for small things, they add up so when the big things do hit us,  it becomes second nature to be there for your family.  Sickness, track meets, band concerts, pack meetings, swim meets, dance recitals, school talent shows....they are simple things on the calendar but I know when our family is there to show our support, that person appreciates it. 

It makes that person feel important and what they are doing valued. 

Back in 2011 I ran my first marathon in Newport, OR. 

The support my husband showed me was beyond what most young fathers would have done. 

He loaded up my three kids at the time, made signs, went to the dollar store for special treats to eat along the course, packed extra water and lunches, looked over the bus schedule for the marathon and then headed out for a long day to support me in 90 degree weather. 

All along the route I could see them as they would ride the spectator bus a couple of miles ahead to get off and cheer me on, hug me and say"Good job Mommy!!"  

It meant the world to me and is the ONLY reason I finished that race. 

That act of support, service and affection my family showed me will always be with me. 

So, it is with that thought, that I want to instill in my children a value of family - to be there in the big and small things of our lives because that support we can give them, makes them not only feel loved but apart of a family that will be there for them no matter what. 

"Forever for always - No matter what."

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