Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 79

How appropriate that today was the first day of spring and the sun was shinning!
I felt like the Lord was saying, "Rachel, change is OK and the change is going to be good!"

When I came into the classroom I was overwhelmed at the love my students showed me with flowers, cards and hugs. 
My co-workers gave me flowers and a beautiful plate which had a beautiful verse about family imprinted on it. 

There were tears of joy and it was a great day to end my career. 
We had two parents visit: a police officer who showed us his car and all the fun things he carries. 
Next, another dad who is a fire fighter came in and did a fun presentation for us as well. 

I just felt an overwhelming amount of love and it was a very much a feeling of melancholy as I left - a feeling of sadness but also of joy. 

My co-workers became like family. 

They taught me compassion. 

They taught me what it meant to be devoted. 

They taught me what it meant to support one another. 

But best of all...

They showed me what it really meant to be a friend. 

I love you all at First Christian Pre-Primary school. 

It was an amazing ride and I will always smile at the memories that God blessed me with while I worked there ♥.

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