Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 63

Today I am grateful for the scriptures. 

I am not a scriptorian (a person who has a deep knowledge of the scriptures).

And I am not the best at quoting 50-100 from memory but what I do have is a testimony of the truth 

they bring in our lives. The people in the Bible and the Book of Mormon are not only people who 

once lived but they are heros who lived through trials that can teach us and give us the answers we 

need in learning in what they went through in their lives. 

One of my favorite scripture heroes is Abinidi in the Book of Mormon. 

He shows courage, determination and an "eye single to the glory of God."

May we all feast upon the word of God more. 

It seems so simple when you say it in primary but really, reading your scriptures brings such peace 

and clarity to our lives with the knowledge and lessons they provide in its teachings.

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