Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 16

9 months ago today, I was in labor at the Corvallis hospital with our little Miss C. 
I was induced at 6am and she was not born until 11:05pm that evening. She took her time in getting here but every pain, ache, months of morning sickness was worth it when they laid her in my arms. 
She immediatley was alert and looking around at this new world ahead of her. 
 I felt honored to be her mother. 

Today she went to the doctor and weighed in at 22.2 pds and 30 inches long.
A happy healthy little girl who LOVES to nurse, be snuggled and giggle with her brothers and sisters. 
You do not like to be on your tummy so you haven't crawled yet but I am not worried. You are so chill about everything, you'll get there ;). 

And for this I am grateful - That our family was blessed with Miss C. 

Her arrival rocked our world and I could not imagine our lives with out her.

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