Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day five

I stayed home from church today due to recouping from my sudden onset of the stomach flu. 

I was sad to hear that I had missed my son and husband bear their testimonies in Sacrament meeting (just a fancy name for our main worshiping hour at church). 
My son came home and proudly said he had went up to the stand to bear his testimony. Having seen him do that before in the past,  it made me proud to hear him go up once again on his own accord. Over this past year, it has been fun to watch him grow spiritually as a mother. He has grown a love of the scriptures and his Savior. His sweet testimony has calming effect on our home and those friends around him.

  Before we went to Great Wolf Lodge earlier in December, he was not able to find his flip flops for the pool area (a must for this mama with all her foot phobias!) and was getting to be quite distressed about it since he had been looking for them all afternoon. After much frustration, I peeked out of the corner of my eye, and saw him kneel in prayer, asking his father in heaven to please help him find his flip flops.  Such a small prayer but with much faith, he found those flip flops a mere minute after saying his prayer.

Moments later he knelt down again and said a prayer of thanks.

I am grateful for witnessing those little miracles with my children. 

They truly are what life is all about...

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