Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 19

Today, before we went to church, I asked Chloe to grab Charleigh a few toys to play with at church. 

One of the toys she grabbed was a well loved little stuffed gray kitten, previously owned by Chloe. 

Charleigh loves it! 

It is the perfect size for her little hands to love and chew and it was given to her by Chloe on Christmas morning. 

I smile when I think back to it because it shows how big Chloes heart is. 

Before Christmas, Chloe came down with a lot of presents in her arms and put them under the  tree excitedly. 
She said she hoped everyone would love their presents that she had made for them 
but especially Charleighs....
She said that ONE was special.

Fast forward to Christmas morning and after LOTS of unwrapping, pictures and happy faces....we got to Chloes presents deep under the tree. 

She grabbed Charleighs and gave it to me to help her open. 

As I opened the wrapping paper, I stopped. 

It was her gray kitten. 

The fuzzy little kitten that she LOVED and snuggled with every night before bed....

I asked Chloe, "Are you sure you want to give this to Charleigh? You love your kitty!" 

With a shakey voice and teary eyes she said, "Mom, I love Charleigh and it felt good in my heart to give it to her. I loved it and now she can love it." 

And that my friends is why I now smile when ever I see that small stuffed kitten. 

 I am grateful that my seven year old stopped Christmas morning to remind us all what the true spirit of Christmas is all about.

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