Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day two

Yesterday, to bring in the New Year, we went to a local water park, "Evergreen Aviation -water and wings water-park", located in McMinnville, OR. 

It was perfect because there was hardly anyone there with no lines for the water slides!

The kids loved it and so did I. 

I had the sweetest moment with my youngest one in the water. I held her on her back and she loved the feel of the waves in the pool. It seemed to relax her as I held her and she was able to stretch out and feel the water through her toes as she splashed in the pool. Unlike their father who does not like the water very much, all of my kids seem to be following suit with me in how much they love the water. 

When we returned home after a stop at Subway and a long drive home in the fog, we were dog tired!

By the time I made it to bed it was well over midnight and off I headed to bed knowing with how Miss Char sleeps, I was in for a zombie day the next day. 

I woke up this morning to the alarm clock saying it was 10:00am.....

I had to double check it to see if I was delerious!

All my kids were still asleep and I had gotten a full nights rest. 

Now that is something as a mother of four....

I am grateful for because 

I know how much of a rarity it actually happening can be! 

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