Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23

Two weeks ago, Chloe started a new Beginning Jazz class here in town at the Mitchell Arts Center. It's a big change from the 5 years of ballet she took but she loves it and I think it is a better fit for her in many different ways. 

The first two classes they worked on jumps or "leaps."

Chloe struggled to get it which surprised me!

She had been great at doing leaps in ballet class so it seemed odd to me that she was having a hard time with it.

When we went home, I could tell she was feeling a bit defeated about the whole thing, so the next night I set up a dance studio in our hall way!

We were going to get this and I knew she could. 

I knew one of the reasons was her teacher was using different phrases for the dance moves which was throwing her off a bit. 

Second, it had been awhile since she had done it and she has a hard time with attention on her (hmm, sounds like her mama....)

Next, we put up a couple of things to jump over and I told Chloe to watch me leap...well make a fool of myself but that's what we do for our kids....right?

She giggled and before I knew it, the both of us were leaping and jumping down the hallway laughing. 

After a few minutes, she was back to her old self, with beautiful leaps galore!

Today in class when teacher Karen asked them to line up and do leaps, Chloe excitedly jumped up and did it. 

Watching your child work hard at something all week long (though it may seem silly to some - it was a big deal to my seven year old) and NAIL IT in dance practice...was the highlight of my day. 

And for that I am grateful. 

It is moments like those that make it all worth it.

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