Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8

I am grateful my husband and I have the means, even though money is very tight, to allow our children the means to go and do things such as soccer, music lessons, and other extra curricular activities that allow them to discover who they are. 

Life is short on this earth and the more we try and learn for ourselves, the more we will be able to see ourselves in the looking glass to see a clearer reflection. 

Am I saying that we are what our hobbies and talents are?

Yes and No. 

What I am saying is that the more we dedicate ourselves to learning something, what ever that may be (dance, singing, pottery, etc), we learn more about ourselves. 

We learn peace.

We learn the blessing of education. 

We learn the blessing of finding a part of your yourself

We learn hard work.

We learn creativity. 

We learn the feeling of putting ourselves out there - even though it might be uncomfortable...

We learn most of all, that one of the great blessings our Father in Heaven has given us is 


We each have a talent to offer and how amazing is that.

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