Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day one

My name is Rachel. I am a thirty something mama to four children from the ages 12 to 8 months.  I have felt the need to see more of what the lord has blessed me with in this life this year, so as one of my so called New Years resolutions, I wanted to start this blog as a dedication to the good in my life. 

Life is really what you make it. 

You can either sit down and whine when it starts to rain


you can get up and DO something about it

See the good


Being Eeyore 24/7. 

There was a time in my life many years ago that I may or may not go into as of yet, but let me just say, I did not see ANY good in what I was going through. 
That experience taught me after I went through it and many years passed by when I could FINALLY see what the Lord was trying to tell me, was that there is ALWAYS good to see in any situation. I know not all will agree with me as I am not here to please everyone. That simply is my outlook. 

So for day one, I would like to start with my husband. 

If you want to turn away, I don't blame you ;). 

It is probally going to be a mushy post



He has held my hand through four kids, a couple of miscarriages, depression, trial after trial, the good times and the bad. It is sometimes hard to end or start the list because he truly has become apart of me. He loves me. 


Even those annoying parts....

For better or for worse...

He loves me.

And for that...

I am most grateful 100%.  


  1. Aw I love you Rachel what a great idea I will definitely have to follow your blog and join you on some of these fun things you are doing!

  2. aw, I love this new blog. You are amazing. What a fantastic idea and I love that your love your husband. He is a keeper. :)