Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 17

Taylor came down after school yesterday with his large tool box he had made at scouts the night before and the little one he had put together at a Home Depot kids work shop a few months back. 

He says to me, "Mom, look a tool box for me and a tool box for Charleigh!! Can we take a picture together with them? 
 I replied, "Sure!" 
 He goes to the living room and finds a spot for them and off we go to take pictures. 
Can you tell he has a soft spot for Miss C.... 

I am grateful for this young man. He is an AMAZING brother to his three sisters and
has truly stepped up to the plate...
as an example...
as a listener...
and as a friend. 

Buddy, your mama is eternally grateful for YOU and ALL that you do to add to our home!

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