Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 21

Family dinners are very important to me. 
It's a moment of peace at the end of the day where our family can collect their thoughts and just be. 
Its a calm amidst the storm
Its where stories are shared
Its where laughter happens

No matter how crazy our life is or where we each may be going....

I will treasure the nights like tonight. 

Charleigh in her highchair throwing crackers everywhere

Chloe talking about her drawing class and new dance shoes

Taylor telling his dad about something on his Nintendo 3DS. 

Diana telling us her woes about middle school advanced math class

and me.....

the "cook" who stands back to admire the "chaos."


Its my life. 
And I know one day the craziness will be gone.
And I will miss it. 

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