Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day seven

Tonight I am grateful for girl talk. 

I was so tired after a long day of getting up early, going to work, coming home, chores, running errands with kids to and there, and making dinner,  that in all honesty I did not want to go to a party I had been invited to tonight.  I just wanted to jump in the warm bath, put in some bubbles and read that book that has been calling my name for awhile now.... *sadly, it has been calling my name for a few weeks to finish*


this party was for two amazing ladies who are moving onto new adventures. 

I will miss them both dearly but at the same time, I am so happy for them in getting these new opportunities for themselves and their families. 

So out I went to celebrate and say goodbye and little did I realize what.....
I needed was to visit and chat with the ladies!

I truly have an amazing ward (fancy word for our congregation at church)!

It has been one of the best wards I have lived in...

and for that I am grateful because it truly is amazing if you can walk into church and feel at home. 

Thanks ladies - you truly make it home. 

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